About Massman Automation

Mission Statement

Our Mission
Enhancing lives through automation

Our Vision
To be the preferred long-term partner for automated solutions

Our Values
– Responsiveness
– Customer Commitment
– Continuous Improvement

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Located in the heart of Minnesota, our modern manufacturing plant and administrative offices are home to a team of dedicated employees all sharing a firm commitment to serve our customers with excellence, trust, and integrity.

Our Reputation

At Massman, we pride ourselves on the reputation we have built in the packaging industry as a supplier of automation solutions. We approach each customer’s automation needs as an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship and provide long-term support with our solutions. Our dependable equipment, excellent technical support, and responsive customer service assure you that Massman Automation Designs will meet your automation needs today and for years to come.

In more than 40 years in business, we have developed many standard solutions to meet customers’ automation needs. But that experience also enables us to modify and customize designs to adapt them to your specific applications. Our machines are very reliable, delivering years of highly efficient productivity with a low total cost of ownership. That helped us earn a reputation in the packaging industry as a manufacturer of easy-to-operate, highly innovative equipment.

Massman Automation Team

Massman Automation’s Greatest Asset Is Its People

There is a culture at Massman Automation based on old-fashion values such as integrity, honesty, and pride that has fostered long-term business relationships with our customers. As a privately held company, our management team is lean and responsive to our customers’ ever-changing needs. It is our goal to provide our customers with the best value in “end-of-line” packaging equipment.

Massman employs a wide range of skilled employees in order to support its fundamental processes. These skills include sales, marketing, administration, mechanical engineering, drafting, electrical engineering, electrical control and programming, machining, welding, mechanical assembly, and field service support.

These skilled individuals are Massman’s greatest asset.  Massman has always been a family-oriented company that values each person’s time, talents, and personal life. The company’s collective goal is to have a challenging, rewarding, and secure future.


Massman Automation Designs has earned a reputation in the packaging industry as a manufacturer of easy-to-operate, highly innovative equipment. Massman machines are very reliable with low cost of ownership and years of highly efficient productivity.

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