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Massman Automation serves a wide variety of industries, supplying them with state-of-the-art automated “end-of-line” packaging equipment.

Massman Automation has been supplying packaging equipment to the food & beverage, water, dairy, poultry, consumer goods, building trades, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries for over 40 years. With that experience, Massman Automation knows the industry standards, GMP, hygienic design, and current safety standards.

We provide a user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI) to operate the machine, constructed with a heavy-duty easily accessible frame that will ensure reliable, high-efficient, low cost of ownership performance for years and years. We pride ourselves on the various packaging industries and purposes our products serve. What’s more, we offer dedicated customer service, excellent technical support, and dependable equipment that can rise to any challenge. Our solutions construct containers, pack them with products and seal them for sale, shipping, or storage.

We enhance packaging through automation, and we value creating a lifelong partnership with your business. Our commitment to continuous improvement for our customers makes us a preferred partner for automated solutions. Let Massman make the packaging machine for the products your business has worked so hard to perfect.

Consumer Products

Massman Automation provides “end of line” packaging equipment for every consumer product good (CPG) industry. Our selection includes:

  • Case packers: Assure gentle product handling and eliminate product damage with loading machines that are easy on the products.
  • Flexible pouch packaging: Make it easy to choose the ideal packaging for any CPG, from food to hygiene to dry goods.
  • Palletizers: Pick up and move merchandise easily with vacuum power or a mechanical palletizer arm device.

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Food & Beverage

Allow Massman Automation to provide you with the “end of line” equipment to keep your food and beverages perfectly fresh. These packaging machines have applications such as:

  • Case packing: Assure gentle product handling and eliminate product damage with loading machines that are easy on the products.
  • Flexible pouch packaging: Quickly package food in flexible packages with resealable locks to maximize freshness.

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Massman offers low-cost, trouble-free dairy packaging equipment, including:

  • Case erecting and sealing machines: Ensure your dairy’s in a strong package with a robust seal when you use a case erecting machine.
  • Case packaging machines: Keep your items safe with gentle case packaging machines that can handle cheeses, milk and ice cream softly.
  • Flexible pouch packaging machines: Quickly fill resealable pouches with cheese and milk products for retail visibility and consumer convenience.

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Pharmaceuticals / Nutraceuticals

Massman understands that safety, climate control, and cleanliness are of the utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry. We offer:

  • Flexible pouch filling machines: Fill small-batch orders quickly with a flexible pouch filling machine.
  • Robotic flex pickers: Precisely and accurately pick and place pharmaceuticals at a speed of up to 100ppm.

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Filtration Manufacturing

Massman’s engineering offers semi-automatic to fully automatic filter assembly equipment that utilizes metal clips, hot adhesive, or ultrasonic technology. Our line of complete filter assembly equipment includes:

  • Forming Cartridge Assembly Machine (FCAM) – Former: Improve production efficiency and flexibility with a low-cost, ergonomic former.
  • High-Speed Robotic Vision Sorting and Assembly Systems with Magnetic End-of-Arm Tools (EOATs): Achieve highly accurate part placement.
  • Robotic flex pickers: Accurately pick and place products for a wide range of applications up to 100ppm.

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Custom Industries

As a leader in the packaging automation industry, Massman Automation designs and manufactures custom automated packing machines. We have a reputation for taking on challenging and sophisticated products.

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Benefits of Working With Massman

When you partner with Massman, you’re investing in:

  • Ease of changeover: Embracing automation in your packaging facility is simple with Massman packaging machines.
  • User-friendly HMI: Our easy-to-use HMI makes it simple for workers and managers to access pertinent manufacturing information.
  • Heavy-duty frame: The durability of our packaging machine frames allow them to last for years to come.
  • Easily accessible frame: The easily accessible nature of our frames makes maintenance go smoothly every time.
  • Low cost of ownership performance: Once you install your Massman packaging solution, you’ll save money as your productivity increases.

Interested in Working With Massman?

Massman has over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing advanced packaging machines. Regardless of how complex or demanding your application is, Massman has the expertise, technicians, and resources to build and service a packaging machine specifically for your business. We offer 24-hour live, personal coverage, experienced service technicians, and retrofitted engineering capabilities with all our packaging equipment.

Are you interested in working with Massman for your automation design needs? Give us a call at 320-554-3611 or request a consultation today.