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Carton for PackagingMassman Automation is the leading producer of carton packaging machines and equipment in the industry. For over 40 years, Massman has risen to the challenge and provided efficient and durable carton packaging equipment that other companies could not design due to their challenging and sophisticated nature. Today, Massman Automation develops and creates machines and equipment for case erection, palletizing and case packing.

Cartons are a cost-effective packaging method capable of holding up to several pounds of product. Their paper construction is ideal for printing high-quality graphics and logos and creating cutout windows to highlight products. Cartons reduce packaging production time, and, what’s more, they are sustainable and highly recyclable.

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Carton Products and Applications

Massman Automation designs and creates carton packaging equipment suited to your operation. We’ll design a custom system depending on the size and speed of your infeed. First, we make machinery to roll the cartons with a high-speed rotary stacker or bump-up stacker. Our packaging machines will stack your cartons in the desired packing pattern of harness case, RSC knock-down case, tray or wraparound case. Massman Automation produces the following packaging equipment for cartons:

Benefits of Automated Carton Packaging Equipment

Automated carton packaging equipment has several advantages over traditional packaging:

  • Cost-efficient: Carton packaging is quick and easy to package in a case and palletize.
  • Highly sustainable: Compared to other packaging, cartons are easily recyclable, and you can make them from reused material.
  • Easily customizable: Carton packaging takes ink well and is ideal for printing colorful graphics.

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Massman Automation has over 40 years of experience in providing our customers with purpose-built carton packaging machinery. Our reputation for quality speaks for itself, and we lead the industry with our capability to design complex packaging machines. Massman Automation develops and builds custom carton packaging systems that engineers can retrofit later to adapt your strategy to new product yields and speeds. When you choose Massman, you’re partnering with a company that will provide you with the highest-quality advancements in technology.

Are you interested in working with Massman Automation for your carton packaging process? Reach out and request a free consultation or call us at 320-554-3611.

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