Food and Beverage Industry Packaging Solutions

Continuous Case Packer Machine

At Massman Automation, we have over four decades of industry expertise. Our packaging machines for food and beverage manufacturers are rugged, reliable, and highly efficient, plus we back them with comprehensive customer support.

Before you can send food or beverages out of your facility, they need primary packaging for retail sale and secondary packaging to group and protect them during transport and storage. At Massman, we make food and beverage packaging equipment for both scenarios. Massman packaging systems are engineered and built to provide food and beverage manufacturers with the best value by providing high reliability, high speed, and maximum efficiency on the packaging line.

Whether you need to fill a pouch of dry snacks, seal a bottle of juice, or build a package around a case of individually packaged items, we have the solution to automate that part of your manufacturing process.

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How Packaging Machines Serve Industry Needs

Food and beverage manufacturers need the ability to put almost countless products in a myriad of boxes, pouches, bags, and bottles. Massman offers the following product categories to automate standard industry processes:

  • Case erecting and sealing: Case erecting and sealing equipment selects a blank case, erects it, and seals all seams and flaps. This form, fill, and seal method is ideal for cases of drinks and heavy foods that need a well-built case to prevent breaking.
  • Case packing: A case packing machine places products into cases based on your configurations. We offer high-speed machines for improved efficiency and low-speed machines with gentle product placement to package glass bottles and fragile products safely.
  • Flexible pouch packaging: Flexible pouch packaging equipment lets you precisely fill and seal pouches with ease. Flexible pouches are popular for dry snacks, pet food, and other products because of their resealable and customizable properties.
  • Custom: Whatever foods or drinks you make, our engineering team can develop custom solutions to automate your production process. Whether you need to package cases of bulk food for shipping or label individual drinks for sale, our machines have you covered.

Benefits of Massman Machines for the Food and Beverage Industry

Using custom food and beverage equipment during your packaging process provides several benefits, including optimizing tasks. When you implement Massman machines into your facility, you’ll experience:

  • Greater production capabilities. Seasonal updates and supply and demand change how much product you need to package. Our machines are scalable, so you can increase and decrease the number of products you prepare for sale. As consumers buy more or less of your product, you can adjust your supply.
  • Better efficiency. Packaging food and beverages involves many simple tasks repeated thousands of times. Automated packaging machines perform their duties with increased efficiency and precision. When you delegate simple, repetitive tasks to machines, your employees can do more challenging, rewarding work.
  • Increased quality control. Faulty packaging can lead to contaminated food, and misprinted labels are often rejected from retail sales. Your brand’s reputation matters — invest in more efficient, thorough quality control with automated food and beverage equipment that you and your consumers can trust.
  • Safer operations. Without automation, workers may have to lift bulky cases, work near hot machinery, and risk injury in other ways. Manual labor and outdated machines pose safety risks, but automating tasks with elevated risks makes your facility a safer place for the people, foods, and beverages within.
  • Reduced labor expenses. Fully automated machines and systems eliminate the need for supervision. Using efficient machines saves your company both labor and operator costs.

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Massman machines have various applications in the food and beverage industry. Our solutions can create containers, fill them with products, seal the packaging, and label the products for distribution or retail. The right machine can also handle arranging products on pallets and even placing those pallets for transportation.

At Massman, we develop and produce every packaging solution to meet our clients’ needs. Let us know what yours are!

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