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Pleated Filters

Massman Automation is an industry leader in pleated filter assembly solutions and offers a range of fully automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines. When you partner with Massman, you’ll receive high-quality and efficient service that keeps costs low and maximizes your productivity. For more than 40 years, we’ve taken on even the most challenging and sophisticated packaging equipment obstacles. That commitment gives us the expertise we need to provide our customers with durable and efficient solutions.

Today, Massman designs and creates forming cartridge assembly machines, hot melt adhesive steamers, ultrasonic weld steamers, metal clippers, assembly machines, and more filter assembly automation solutions.

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Filter Automation Products and Applications

Massman offers an extensive array of filter assembly equipment with varying degrees of automation. We use hot melt adhesives, metal clips, and ultrasonic welding to connect the filter to the medium. Our machines assemble the entire filter cartridge, from the tube center to the end caps and housing. These solutions include:

Benefits of Filter Automation

At Massman, we develop filter assembly automation solutions that are:

  • Flexible: Massman automation filter equipment is easy to change over, and if your business’s needs change, we’ll retrofit your equipment to meet your new production size and speed.
  • Reliable and efficient: Our durable and robust packaging machinery will last for years to come and save you money in the long run.
  • Low total cost: The increased efficiency and productivity from automation make our equipment filters a valuable investment.

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Massman rises to even the most sophisticated and challenging packaging equipment designs. Are you or your company interested in working with Massman Automation to develop the ideal packaging machinery for your applications? Call us at 320-554-3611 or request a consultation today!

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