Formal Equipment Training with PMMI-Certified Trainers

PMMI Certified Trainer

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Make sure your team uses your industrial packaging equipment effectively and safely with formal equipment training from Massman Automation Designs. Our training professionals are certified by The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI). They have the knowledge and expertise required to train your team to keep your operation at peak efficiency.

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What Can a Machine Training Program Do for Your Operations?

Our formal equipment training program teaches employees at any level how to use packaging equipment. The training applies to any packaging equipment offered by Massman.

Massman Automation Designs has a staff of PMMI-certified training professionals. PMMI certification means our trainers have completed coursework about safety, sustainability, and innovation from the leading authority in the packaging industry. These trainers will provide your operators and maintenance personnel with a thorough documentation training program that teaches the skills and knowledge your company needs to implement valuable PMMI concepts in your organization.

With training, you position your operations to gain the most value from your machinery, so your equipment will last longer and perform better. Your team will know how to maximize the equipment’s capabilities to ensure optimum performance.

About Our Formal Equipment Training Service

Our formal equipment training service teaches employees and operations managers in the packaging industry the best practices for running and maintaining their machinery. Massman offers two training programs for packaging operations staff:

Operator-Level Machine Training Program

Our machine training course teaches your employees how to operate your machines. Since these employees work with the equipment every day, it’s critical for them to learn everything about the machinery. During this training, our experts will cover:

  • Equipment operations and how to work the machinery.
  • Proper operating procedures for packaging equipment.
  • Safety setup to keep the equipment working safely.
  • Settings optimization for the highest efficiency.

Operator-Level Maintenance Training Program

During our maintenance training program, your team will learn how to repair your machines. Parts maintenance is critical for extending a machine’s life span and optimizing its performance. During our maintenance training, your employees will:

  • Learn the daily, weekly, and monthly inspection criteria for packaging machines.
  • Practice equipment cleaning procedures and best practices.
  • Design a preventive maintenance program that works with your production schedule.
  • Launch service contracts to maintain the equipment.
  • Review manual and electrical training materials.

Benefits of Our Training Programs

Our formal equipment training service offers several advantages for your company. With our instruction, your team can:

  • Maximize your equipment’s capabilities.
  • Ensure optimum performance of the machine.
  • Learn from professionals in the field.

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Start a formal equipment training program at your facility today with Massman. We have more than 40 years of experience with industrial packaging machinery and pass this knowledge on through our training service. Our team will ensure your packaging operations are equipped with the best practices for operation and maintenance to improve your production.

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