In-House Machine Design and Creation for Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Man Working on a Custom Design on a ComputerMassman Automation has extensive in-house experience with designing and creating packaging machines for custom applications. We have more than 40 years of experience taking on sophisticated projects that others turned down because of their complexity. Our dedication to continuously accepting challenges has made our services unparalleled in the packaging industry. We promise to make you the optimal packaging equipment for your applications.

Our sales staff and design team are ready to sit down with you to discuss the specifications and challenges of packaging your products. At Massman Automation, we’re dedicated to creating the best automated solutions for the products your company has worked so hard to perfect.

Find Your Packaging Machine

Custom Products and Applications

Massman Automation makes several unique pieces of automated packaging equipment, including:

If you still cannot find the type of packaging equipment you need, contact us online and request a consultation to learn about how our engineers can create a custom solution.

Benefits of Custom Automated Packaging Equipment

Choosing custom packaging equipment from Massman Automation has several advantages:

  • Low total cost: When you partner with Massman, your packaging equipment’s speed and precision will drive down costs.
  • Adaptability: Massman packaging equipment accommodates your changing needs because it’s easy to change out and minimizes downtime.
  • Efficiency: Our reliable packaging equipment maximizes workplace efficiency to lower costs and increase productivity.

Enlist Massman for a Heightened Custom Automated Packaging Experience

With four decades of experience rising to America’s packing equipment challenges, Massman has a unique wealth of knowledge in designing and creating complicated packaging machines. Request a consultation or call 320-554-3611.

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