Product Placers and Timing Gate Machines

Product Placers and Timing Gate Machines

From CDs to coupons, accurate product placement is essential for any company. For over 40 years, Massman Automation Designs has provided numerous industries with rugged, efficient, and reliable product automation solutions. Our placers’ consistency and speed will increase your productivity and minimize labor costs and ergonomic issues.

Rotary product placers automate the process of picking and placing or stacking products. These flexible machines combine the speed of other automated systems with the precision of human assembly. An advancing-cam design means you can use them for continuous-motion assembly or equip them with a servo drive for multi-speed or random-feed functionality.

Robotic Flex Pickers

Abb Robotic Flex Pickers

The ABB flex picker robot is integrated into a frame-and-conveyor system. When guided by a vision system, the system can accurately pick and place product at rates of up to 100 ppm.

Massman Automation can integrate ABB flex picker robots when required to satisfy a variety of pick and place applications for a wide range of applications.


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PSA Model 4023 Rotary Placer

PSA Model 4023 Rotary Placer

The Massman PSA Model 4023 Rotary Placer offers high speed product placement.

The Model 4023 rotary placer has a 24-inch inclined magazine and is capable of speeds up to 400 ppm. Many optional features are available such as variable speed control, clutch-brake controlled, powered horizontal magazine, “low product” sensor, “missed-pick” sensor, and many others.


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PSA Model 4024 Reciprocating Placer

PSA Model 4024 Reciprocating Placer

The Massman PSA Model 4024 Reciprocating Placer offers product placing at speeds up to 60 ppm.

Many optional features are available such as, variable speed control, clutch-brake controlled, powered horizontal powered magazine, “low product” sensor, “missed-pick” sensor, and many others.


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PSA Timing Gate

PSA Timing Gate

The Massman PSA Timing Gate offers an affordable, labor saving solution for product accumulation and machine loading challenges.

The Timing Gate System is available in three different versions: an air cylinder drive for speeds of up to 100 ppm, a clutch/brake system for speeds of up to 150 ppm, and a servo driven system for speeds of up to 150 ppm, depending on the product, all with single count and multiple count capabilities. Standard features include a tubular frame, product speed-up and launching conveyor, easy access design, leveling feet, and easy size adjustment, as well as the servo drive system where required.


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Product placers are customizable, letting you add efficiency-enriching features like:

  • Speed control.
  • Clutch-brake controls.
  • “Low product” and “missed-pick” sensors.
  • A horizontal powered magazine.

When combined with timing gates, pick-and-place machines’ versatility will improve your bottom line and meet your specific needs. A timing gate lets you program your placers’ constants and input and output signals to suit your requirements. Operators can accelerate or slow the machine as needed, ensuring maximum accuracy on every task. Their user-friendly design and numerous configurations make it easy to get the job done right.

The Advantages of Placement and Timing Automation

Product automation has many practical and economic advantages. These benefits include:

  • Higher speed and precision: Product placers can achieve speeds of up to 400 ppm. An optical sensor locks onto an item’s feature before registering, allowing them to be more accurate than any conventional placement method. With proper maintenance and programming, they’ll yield high-quality results every time.
  • Excellent cost value: Greater speed and precision save you money on labor costs, intensity, and time. You can also program your rotary product placer to fit your specifications, including movements and product dimensions. Its mechanisms can handle any product shape and type, so you can count on one packaging machine for multiple functions.
  • Increased safety and ease of use: Pick-and-place machines take on many labor-intensive tasks, such as handling heavy goods. Their capabilities reduce the risk and physical demand your employees must shoulder while increasing efficiency. Thanks to an intuitive interface, operators can easily configure a placer’s settings to match your specifications. Our formal equipment training program will help them maximize your machine’s output and productivity.
  • Low maintenance: Rotary product placers require minimal upkeep to perform their best work. With a preventative maintenance program and low-cost replacement parts, you can keep repair costs in check and ensure optimal performance.

Meet Industry Needs With Custom Feeding Systems and Rotary and Reciprocating Placers

Whether you work in the food and beverage industry or with consumer goods, our rotary placers provide many businesses with innovative and labor-saving solutions. Massman offers pick-and-place machines to serve any industry need:

  • Robotic flex pickers: Robotic flex pickers supply you with consistent, accurate placement at speeds of up to 100 ppm. When guided by a vision system, they’re ideal for filtration manufacturing and other visually reliant applications.
  • Rotary Placer Model 4023: Our PSA Model 4023 Rotary Placer features rates of up to 400 ppm and a 24-inch inclined magazine. Its high speed boosts productivity while keeping your goods and their course intact.
  • Reciprocating Placer Model 4024: The PSA Model 4024 Reciprocating Placer offers placement speeds of up to 60 ppm. This option allows products to seamlessly travel from one conveyor belt to another, maintaining assembly flow and increasing efficiency.
  • Timing gate: Massman’s timing gate system is available in three different configurations for any product-placing application. With an easy-access design, simple size adjustment, and single-count and multi-count capabilities, timing gates allow you to meet demands and get the most out of your packaging machines.

Interested in Working With Massman?

Any industry can benefit from product automation. With custom solutions, comprehensive customer support, and enhanced ease of change-over, Massman can help with your product placer and timing gate needs. Call us at 320-554-3611 or request a consultation today to learn more about how we can enhance your operations.