Dairy Industry Packaging Automation Solutions

At Massman, we offer industry-leading “end-of-line” packaging solutions, including various packaging machines for dairy products. When you partner with us, you’ll enjoy streamlined service that keeps costs low over years of operation.

Dairy packaging companies see value in our equipment because our machines offer unique and effective solutions with robust designs and small footprints.

Our case packers, for example, are compatible with various containers. Each machine can package and palletize a vast range of dairy products, including cups or bars of ice cream, butter in sticks or tubs, various milk containers, vacuum-sealed cheese, and tubs of cottage cheese or sour cream. Our packaging machines for dairy products accommodate the unique qualities of this industry’s offerings, such as different temperature needs and shelf lives.

Massman equipment is known for gentle product handling and high speed capabilities Massman solutions can pass your product from production to final packaging and palletizing. When you’re ready to send out a new shipment, you can trust that your Massman dairy packaging equipment used the best form, fill, and seal methods to prepare your products for transport, storage, and retail sale.

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How Packaging Machines Fill Special Roles in the Dairy Industry

Massman has equipment designed specifically to load 40-pound cheese blocks into wrap-around cases.

Our Cheese and dairy packaging equipment includes:

  • Case Erecting and Sealing Machines. Case erectors and sealers fold flat boxes into the desired shape and seal the seams with hot glue or tape to create a sturdy secondary packaging solution.
  • Case Packing Machines. Case packers are available in high-speed configurations for packs of cheese and other soft products or low-speed units with gentle handling technology for jugs of milk, bars of ice cream, and other fragile items,
  • Flexible Pouch Packaging Machines. This equipment fills pouches with products such as shredded cheese or even milk with vacuum seals or resealing capabilities.
  • Custom Machines. At Massman, we can design packaging machines for dairy products that require special configurations or technologies

Benefits of Massman Machines for the Dairy Industry

Integrating packaging machines for dairy products into your facility has several benefits, such as:

  • Increased safety. Our machines perform form, fill, and seal packaging methods that keep your product free of contaminants and apply a food-safe seal. These precautions prevent recalls and other mishaps that could hurt your brand. Plus, new or updated machines prevent damage to products and employee injury.
  • Improved quality control. Whether your products have a short shelf life or you source your milk from local dairies, your company uses labels to share information with the people who consume your products. Our machines have inspection technology, reducing misprints and other defects. Your brand’s reputation is crucial to your success — ensuring the quality of your products, packaging, and labels helps you earn your name.
  • Better cost efficiency. Reducing the number of rejected goods makes your manufacturing and packaging process more cost-efficient. Plus, the ability to fluctuate production amounts lets you meet seasonal demand for ice cream and other treats with ease.

Work With Us to Increase Efficiency

Dairy packaging companies such as yours use packaging machines for end-use consumer products. There are countless applications for packaging machines in the dairy industry — whether your company packages milk, cheese, or other dairy products, Massman has a solution for you.

Our team designs and manufactures dairy packaging equipment solutions for our clients. We’ve manufactured a broad selection of specialized machines compatible with almost any product you can package into a bottle, bag, box, or pouch.

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