Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industry Packaging Machines

Massman offers innovative and effective packaging solutions for the constantly changing pharmaceutical industry. We provide stainless steel, small footprint case packaging systems specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. When you partner with Massman Automation, you’ll improve cost efficiency with streamlined service.

Packaging in the pharmaceutical industry is ever-evolving. In the past few years, we’ve seen a concerted push from large medication orders to smaller, specialized batches. This move has led to increased patient medication compliance, reduced medication error, and decreased medication abuse. As this trend has grown, pharmaceutical manufacturers now require the packaging machinery necessary for small-batch production.

Massman is ready for this shift and capable of providing you with the most recent innovative technology. Our products help your company keep up with the developing demands of pharmaceuticals.

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Solutions in Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment

Automated packaging machines are essential components of the pharmaceutical industry. Without the proper packaging solutions, your company risks compromising the safety of your pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Massman ensures safety while dispatching small batches and 90-day supplies alike.

Massman’s pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging solutions include:

Benefits of Packaging Automation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Choosing Massman packaging machines will give your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical business several advantages, such as:

  • Improved safety: Safety is paramount in the medical industry. Massman filling and sealing packaging machinery keeps your pharmaceuticals free of contaminants and ensures the medication you send to your customers and patients is safe for consumption. Prevent damage to your company’s reputation and prevent future recalls.
  • Controlled environment for sensitive pharmaceutical products: Massman packaging machines’ controlled environment prevents sensitive pharmaceutical products from becoming damaged in the production cycle.
  • Extra quality control: Recent technological developments have allowed machine artificial intelligence (AI) to spot product errors just like humans. This feature allows for more effective and consistent quality control than that done by humans. Machine packaging technology also speeds up unit production by multitasking.
  • Improved speed: The multitasking nature of automated packaging machines improves speed and allows you to speed up production. This feature is beneficial for companies adjusting to batch-size output and the need to make a larger quantity of smaller products.

Increase Your Workplace Efficiency With Massman

Your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical company needs the best, most cost-effective packaging machinery. Massman makes equipment with various applications for the pharmaceutical industry. If you’re unable to find the right packaging machinery for your needs, we’ll work with you to design custom packaging equipment.

Our team designs custom packaging machinery for clients in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. We can incorporate features such as controlled and contaminant-free environments. Reach out to Massman for a consultation today or call 320-554-3611.