Custom Industry Packaging Solutions

For the past 40 years, Massman Automation has taken pride in tackling the most challenging and sophisticated requests for custom packaging machines. Throughout our decades in the industry, we’ve repeatedly accepted complex projects and created packaging systems that our competitors had considered too risky or difficult.

Massman Automation draws our expertise from our past experiences designing and building equipment for a wide variety of applications and industries. Our company possesses a great amount of in-house automated packaging knowledge. We’re ready to sit down with your business and gain a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives. After our designers meet with you, we’ll propose a custom machine concept that will be the most effective packaging solution for your business.

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Custom Packaging Machine to Fulfill Every Need

From the beginning to the end of your end-of-line strategy, Massman Automation produces custom, automated packaging systems for your every need.

Benefits of Custom Packaging Machines

We can design your custom packaging machines to have specific advantages, including:

  • Cost savings from using few materials: Using efficient packaging machines allows your business to use fewer materials. More effective packaging machines also save money by preventing manufacturing errors that would lead to suppliers disposing of or rejecting products.
  • Increase in your green initiative: More energy-efficient machinery and less waste due to rejection will lower your business’s greenhouse gas emissions levels. Custom packaging machines allow for more efficient packaging than standard machinery, therefore decreasing emissions.

Interested in Working With Massman?

Massman Automation has a reputation for taking on the most difficult packaging automation challenges. Our engineers are confident in our ability to improve your manufacturing process with automated packaging machines. We see our clients as lifelong business partners and invest in giving them the best custom automated packaging experience.

Are you ready to learn how Massman can help with your custom automation needs? Give us a call at 320-554-3611 or request a consultation today!