Consumer Product Packaging Solutions

At Massman Automation Designs, we’ve specialized in manufacturing high-performance machinery for industrial packaging for more than 40 years. Our range of end-of-line equipment is instrumental to packaging consumer product goods (CPGs) for sale and storage.

Between the quality of our service and our robust parts program, Massman is one of the most well-established providers for industrial and CPG packaging equipment. We back our stellar customer care with an array of reliable machinery for various consumer products industry sectors.

Whether you need to fill a pouch or build a box around your product, our machines are the solution for your packaging solution specifications. Browse our available solutions and consider developing custom CPG machinery for your needs.

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How Automated Packaging Machines Play a Role in the Consumer Products Industry

Automated packaging machines have almost countless applications in both the consumer and industrial packaging industries. Consumer product equipment handles various tasks, such as filling containers, sealing packages, and labeling products for sale. Secondary packaging is essential for safe and efficient distribution, warehousing, and resale.

Massman packaging machines have many applications. Choose the technology that suits your packaging needs depending on your products and supply chain:

  • Case erecting and sealing: These machines use proven vacuum technology to erect and seal a wide variety of corrugated cases. Sealing can be hot-melt adhesive or tape.
  • Case packing: Massman case packing machines load the case from an orientation best suited for the product. Top load, bottom load or side load machines assure gentle product handling with no damage.
  • Flexible pouch packaging: Flexible pouch packaging equipment is ideal for all kinds of CPG products, including snack foods, pet treats, and a wide variety of dry products.
  • Custom machines: Automation automation improves your efficiency, lowers cost and strengthens your brand. Let us know what kind of packaging you need, and we’ll design purpose-built equipment for your packaging challenges.

Benefits of Massman Machines for the Consumer Product Industry

  • Greater efficiency: A packaging machine or automated packaging system makes your facility more productive. Machines work faster with more precision, which means your employees can handle complicated and less repetitive tasks. Overall, packaging your goods takes less time, which optimizes your company’s efficiency.
  • Better quality control: Packaging machines for consumer products perform a continuous inspection of packaged goods. They also label each product and check those labels for accuracy and graphic quality. These features reduce printing defects and other oversights.
  • The ability to meet demand: Market trends change, creating upticks in the number of products your facility has to produce. With configurable machines, you can increase the number of consumer product goods (CPG) your packaging equipment readies for the market.
  • Lower labor costs: Automated packaging reduces the hours of human labor your company pays for. Modern packaging machines for CPGs are efficient, lowering operating costs while you cut labor expenses.
  • Improved safety: Outdated machines and human error are responsible for various safety concerns in your facility. Updating your packaging technologies prevents future problems, including employee injury and damage to products.

Increase Efficiency With Massman Packaging Machines

At Massman, we design and manufacture comprehensive packaging machine solutions for our clients. We’ve created a vast selection of packaging machinery with applications for almost any product you can put in a pouch, bottle, box, bag, or bottle. Our reputation for durable and rugged equipment is well-deserved and helps our customers realize unmatched value, reliability and efficiency.

Partner with Massman for custom solutions to your CPG machinery needs. You can get started today by contacting Massman for more information about our packaging solutions for consumer products. Request a consultation with our sales department online or by phone at 320-554-3611.