Massman’s Preventative Maintenance Program for Machines

Ensure that your Massman Automation equipment is running at its optimal performance level.

Preventive Maintenance Programs keep your packaging machinery operational by scheduling maintenance tasks regularly based on time or equipment use. The purpose of preventive maintenance is to keep machinery working longer while minimizing downtime.

Massman Automation offers packaging machine maintenance plans. Let us help you optimize your equipment performance while reducing your risk of costly downtime. We have options for any budget or machine need.


Why Enroll in a Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Preventive maintenance resolves many machinery and technology problems packaging operations face. With a Preventive Maintenance Program, your company can:

  • Anticipate machine needs and plan for maintenance: Stay ahead of required part replacements and keep your machine running at its most efficient with routine maintenance. When you plan service ahead of time, you can minimize its impact on your daily routine.
  • Reduce equipment downtime: Preventive maintenance plans help keep your machines operational, reducing your risk of downtime.
  • Increase asset life: Well-maintained equipment lasts longer since maintenance is an opportunity to identify and correct small problems before they grow.
  • Comply with safety standards: Preventive maintenance increases workplace safety by keeping machines running as intended, enhancing your compliance with regulations such as those set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Save money: Since a preventive maintenance plan helps equipment last longer, break down less often, and consume less energy, your packaging operations will have fewer expenses.

About Our Preventive Maintenance Programs

Ensure that your Massman Automation equipment is running at its optimal performance level through our preventive maintenance plans. Massman offers a variety of Preventive Maintenance (PM) Programs that will fit your budget and visit date requirements. Many of our customers have implemented PM programs that have provided a proactive approach to managing the service of their equipment.

This PM program allows for a scheduled service trip with the replacement of common wear parts and the inspection of critical original equipment manufacturer (OEM) settings, which can prevent the need for a reactive or potential “down” situation at critical production runs.

Massman customers participating in a Preventive Maintenance Program receive benefits that typically show a return on investment for the program’s cost year after year.

Three Core Benefits of Massman’s Preventive Maintenance Program

Enrolling in a packaging machine maintenance plan from Massman provides three main advantages:

Calendar Icon with Massman LogoScheduled Service Visits & Performance Assessments

Massman offers a flexible Preventive Maintenance Program that can be customized to fit into your budget and maintenance schedule. You can anticipate scheduled visits from one of our experienced service technicians who is extensively trained on your Massman equipment. We work around your schedule to perform the assessment when it’s most convenient for your operations.

During our visit, we will conduct:

    • Scheduled service: Our technician will complete whatever repair and maintenance service your machine needs to remain operational.
    • A materials assessment: We perform a materials assessment to ensure your machine is appropriately adjusted and all materials are suitable for your machine.

Icon of Packaging Machine WorkingMachine Adjustments & On-Site Machine Training

Our preventive maintenance plans include adjusting machines for enhanced efficiency. We will review your machine technology and install enhancements.

You can also expect a comprehensive safety check during the visit. We will perform a visual inspection for worn or broken parts while identifying critical wear parts. You are provided a parts usage/stock review to ensure you have accurate parts inventory.

Massman also provides machine training for your team on-site. Our on-site technician can provide informal hands-on training, focusing on operators and maintenance knowledge of operating your Massman equipment. Our training program for running packaging machines will maximize your equipment’s capabilities and facility’s performance.

Parts and Service Icon With Gears and Rotating ArrowsIdentify Replacement & Inventory Parts

Part of our packaging machine maintenance plan involves identifying the parts that need to be replaced. We will provide a recommended parts quote within three business days of our visit. We will also review your parts stock to make sure your facility has a fully equipped inventory.

After a visit, we will deliver a comprehensive report detailing each completed task with recommendations. Service contracts may be arranged during the machine purchase or after delivery and installation.

Contact Us to Request a Preventive Maintenance Program Quote Today

Extend the life of your equipment while saving money by signing up for a preventive maintenance plan from Massman. We have more than 40 years of experience with packaging machinery, so we understand the maintenance needed to keep the equipment up and running. Our Preventive Maintenance Programs allow you to leverage our expertise for your packaging line.

Please contact the Massman Service Department for a Preventive Maintenance Program quote that fits your needs.

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