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Land O Lakes Butter TubMassman Automation is the industry leader in packaging solutions for tubs and cups. At Massman, we have over four decades of experience creating reliable, customized equipment to match your tub and cup packaging needs. We can handle even the most sophisticated equipment configurations, and we’ve carved our name in the packaging field by taking on challenges others have turned away.

Massman Automation creates packaging equipment for tubs and cups, including tapered tubs, handled cups, and sleeved cups.

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Tubs and Cups Products and Application

Massman Automation will design a complete packaging system for your tubs and cups, depending on your infeed equipment’s size and speed. After packaging, we have the equipment necessary to load packages into wraparound, harness-style cases, regular slotted containers (RSCs), or trays. We offer the following packaging equipment for tubs and cups.

Benefits of Tubs and Cup Packaging

Choosing Massman Automation as your tub and cup packaging equipment provider carries several advantages, including:

  • Efficiency and reliability: Massman packaging equipment is an effective solution that maximizes packaging productivity.
  • Low total cost: The reliability and increased productivity of Massman packaging equipment will lower your production costs. Save money by reducing production time and rejected packages.
  • Ease of change-over: Massman packaging equipment is easy to adapt, so you can minimize downtime and get back to being productive. If your packaging machines need to accommodate changes in production size or speed, Massman will retrofit your complete packaging system.
  • Reduced human error: Your employees are essential to your operation, but human error leads to damaged products and loss. Automating the packaging process lets your workers handle less repetitive work while a machine packages your tubs and cups with precision.

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Massman Automation has more than 40 years of experience tackling the most challenging packaging equipment design projects. We provide our customers with dedicated service, and our team commits to being your partner for automated packaging systems. Regardless of your operation, we can design and create the durable, robust equipment you need to package the products you’ve perfected.

Are you interested in working with Massman to develop and build packaging equipment for your business? Request a free online consultation today or call us at 320-554-3611.

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