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Pouches for Packaging FoodMassman Automation has a history of creating custom solutions for several types of flexible packaging including bags and pouches. For the past 40 years, we’ve taken pride in accepting even the most sophisticated and challenging flexible packaging solutions. Whatever your product, if flexible packaging is the right method of packaging, Massman will find the most efficient and economical packaging system for you.

After your product has been packaged in a pouch, Massman Automation case packers can case load them. Depending on the package’s size and infeed speed, Massman can implement various infeeding design solutions. Our machines can drop-pack bagged flexible pouch products using either a vacuum gantry load system or a flex-picker robot for higher speeds. These options allow for pack patterns in many casing styles, including harness style cases, regular slotted carton (RSC) knock-down cases, trays and wraparound cases. Massman has a history of creating custom solutions for various industries.

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Bag and Pouch Product Applications

At Massman Automation, we design and develop automated packaging solution for every type of bag and pouch, including:

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Benefits of Flexible Bag and Pouch Manufacturing

Flexible pouch packaging has many advantages over traditional packaging for bagged products, including:

  • Faster production cycle: Since flexible packaging uses less material than rigid containers, it takes less energy to produce.
  • Less environmental waste: Flexible containers take up much less space in landfills and are easier to dispose of than rigid containers. The decrease of rejected products from increased efficiency will also reduce waste.
  • Increase customization: Flexible packaging is easier to customize with high-quality printing that allows for crisp and clear images.
  • Lower labor costs: The less complicated nature of flexible packaging and the productivity of automated packaging solutions reduce labor costs.
  • Decreased shipping and handling costs: The lightweight nature of flexible containers means they cost less for shipping and handling than rigid packaging.

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At Massman Automation, we have over 40 years of experience tackling challenging packaging projects that other companies have turned away for their riskiness and sophistication. We have the expertise, materials, and technicians necessary to take charge of any product. What’s more, we commit to continue servicing your packaging equipment for years to come. Our team will even retrofit your automated packaging solutions to accommodate your changing production needs, so you’ll always have the packaging solutions your facility demands.

Are you interested in working with Massman Automation for flexible pouch and bag packaging? Reach out and request a consultation or call us at 320-554-3611 to equip your facility with an automated solution.

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