Applications of Packaging Automation Solutions

Applications of Packaging Automation

Massman Automation has served a variety of industries supplying them with state-of-the art automated “end-of-line” packaging equipment.

Massman Automation has been supplying packaging solutions to the food & beverage, water, dairy, poultry, consumer goods, paint and chemical, building trades, and nutraceutical/pharmaceutical industries for more than 40 years. With that experience, Massman Automation knows the industry standards, GMP, hygienic design, and current safety standards.

We provide a user-friendly human machine interface (HMI) to operate each machine with a heavy duty easily accessible frame that will ensure reliable, high-efficient, low total cost of ownership performance for years and years.

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Packaging Applications

Massman Automation creates “end-of-line” equipment fit for the following types of packaging:

Bags and Pouches

Depending on the infeed speed and the packaging design, Massman Automation will implement various strategies for feeding bags and pouches. We offer vacuum gantry loading systems and flex-picker robot systems for the movement of the merchandise. These two options allow for fast and slow product dropping speeds.

Cans and Bottles

Massman Automation will implement bottle and can infeeding designs of various speeds and sizes to fit your packaging needs. Our packaging equipment uses low-speed applications to cross-push cans and bottles, and the machines use flood feeding with servo lane grouping and dividers.


The carton automation process begins by implementing carton handling infeed designs depending on the cartons’ speed and size as they move to the case packer. Your facility will need to collate the cartons with a rotary high-speed stacker and bump-up stacker before filling.


Massman Automation provides businesses with both semi-automatic and fully automatic filter assembly equipment. Our systems use ultrasonic welding, hot metal adhesives, and metal clips to connect the filter media. Our machinery can completely assemble filter cartridges’ center tubes, housing, and end caps.

Tubs and Cups

We create bottom load case packers, top load case packers, and wraparound case packers to complete the packaging process for tubs and cups and get them ready for shipment. Massman will implement different infeeding designs, depending on the tubs’ size and your manufacturing speeds.

Regardless of the packaging style, we’ll help your business achieve its desired pack patterns for harness style cases, regular slotted cartons (RSCs), wraparound cases, and trays.

Benefits of Automated Packaging Equipment

Automated packaging equipment carries several key benefits that help your business run more smoothly, including:

  • Reliability and efficiency: Compared to workers, automated packaging machines make fewer errors than humans and work faster. This efficiency and reliability will improve your company’s productivity and reduce the number of repetitive tasks humans have to engage in.
  • Low total cost: Automated packaging machines create much less waste than other packaging methods due to their precisely programmed nature. With automated packaging machines, you’ll save money in the long run with increased productivity and decreased rejected products.
  • Retrofitted engineer capabilities: Massman Automation machines are easily customizable for further engineering. With retrofitting from a Massman technician, you’ll be able to change your automated packaging equipment’s output, technology, floor plan, and product size/count.

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Massman has 40 years of experience in creating custom automated packaging equipment for our clients. Our experienced designers and creators have made packaging equipment to tackle challenging, sophisticated jobs that other companies refused to take on. Massman Automation has manufactured packaging machinery and equipment for everything from bottles and boxes to pouches and bags. We’re dedicated to creating the most advanced and durable equipment. What’s more, our team also services our packaging machines if any problems arise.

To learn more about the packaging equipment and machinery Massman Automation can build for your business, request a consultation or call us at 320-554-3611.

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