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Variation of Popcorn BrandsMassman Automation designs and manufactures the complex and sophisticated machinery needed to create microwave popcorn bags and fill them with product. As convenient as microwavable popcorn may be, its iconic bag is an innovative technological feat. Today, popcorn bag manufacturers rely on integrated control systems that use displays for accessible human-machine interfaces (HMI). Massman develops equipment needed for microwave popcorn production, from oil and mixing tanks to bag filling machines and wrappers.

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Talon Packaging Machines

Massman offers Talon’s wide range of Microwave Popcorn packaging and Microwave Popcorn Bagmaking equipment and complete systems.

The Talon microwave popcorn packaging machines will fill pre-made MW bags from 90 bags per minute to 150 bags per minute. Talon automatic systems process up to 300 bags per minute using roll stock.

Massman offers all the equipment and expertise required for a startup operation including:

  • Oil tanks, mixing tanks, Control panels with heating system
  • Corn delivery system
  • Talon 1up 90bpm, Talon 2up 150bpm or Talon 3up 200bpm pre-made bag Filling machines
  • Horizontal Wrapper for the plastic overwrap, Talon will also supply electronic Sync option to direct feed from the Talon MW packaging machine.

Applications and Uses for Microwave Popcorn Machines

At Massman, we sell various packaging machines for microwave popcorn, including those with Talon components. Talon is a global leader in creating innovative and reliable popcorn packaging equipment.

Talon Popcorn Bag Making System Video 

Consider our selection:

  • Talon Microwave Popcorn Packaging Machine: Produces up to 300 bags of popcorn per minute and is available for a wide range of popcorn bag productions
  • 90 BPM Packaging Machine: Opens, fills, and then seals and folds popcorn bags at rates of 90 bags per minute
  • 150 BPM Packaging Machine: Quickly opens bags and fills them with popcorn and liquid before sealing them at speeds of 150 bags per minute
  • 300 BPM Integration Packaging System: Uses two integrated system conveyors to fold and glue popcorn bags together at rates of 300 bags per minute
  • Robotic Palletizer: Picks up multiple popcorn cases using a vacuum or mechanical end-of-arm tool and easily handles heavy merchandise
  • High Entry Palletizer: Rotates and arranges packages in rows and layers to create your desired packing pattern
  • Gantry Palletizer: Picks up multiple popcorn cases using an end-of-arm tool (EOAT) or vacuum and arranges them in your preferred packing pattern on the pallet
  • Talon Supra Microwave Popcorn Bag Making Equipment: Forms pre-made microwave popcorn bags with a high degree of accuracy and infrequent need for maintenance
  • Timing Gate: Offers an affordable solution to machine loading challenges and is available with servo-driven, air cylinder, and clutch/brake systems

Benefits of Microwave Popcorn Machines

Massman Automation microwave popcorn manufacturing equipment improves your production process in several ways, including:

  • Increasing efficiency: The durability and production quality of Massman Automation equipment enables our packaging machines to work efficiently and reliably for years to come.
  • Offering flexibility: Massman packaging equipment provides our customers with quick change-over times. We will retrofit your equipment to help your system adapt to future changes in your production size and speed.
  • Lowering total costs: Our products introduce improved productivity and efficiency to your workplace. Installing Massman Automation microwave popcorn packaging machine will save you money by producing high-quality products faster.

Read about the acquisition of Talon Manufacturing, Inc. in 2010: MASSMAN Automation Designs aquires Talon Manufacturing, Inc.

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