Stepping Up To Address Industry Challenges

13 December 2022 //

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When Massman Automation was started in 1984, our team was dedicated to designing packaging machines that would solve the problems impacting our customers and their bottom line. Today, over 40 years later, as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) industry leader, our team continues to be committed to our mission of providing implementable solutions that address our customer’s specific challenges with manufacturing processes in their facilities.  We strive to continue to observe and learn the challenges our industry partners and customers are facing so that we can formulate target opportunities that will help to solve production roadblocks and improve overall customer processes.


Today, our customers are looking to us for help in solving their current manufacturing challenges, which are becoming magnified by the fast-growing demand for quantity and the variety of sizes of consumer products they need to produce, package and deliver.  Packaging companies are also seeing a need for additional help from OEM’s with onsite training and continued support and service opportunities for their teams because complex equipment designed to increase ROIs and efficiencies has put an increased demand for skilled employees to operate this technically advanced packaging machinery.


Our focus to address the challenges facing the packaging industry starts with the design of our machines to ensure that we deliver a solution that fits our customer’s needed speeds and changeover options as well as providing training and support to our customers.  In this recent article:  Massman Automation Steps Up To Industry Standards. (4-minute read) Massman Companies VP of Marketing and Sales, Mark Suchy, goes into detail on a project the Massman Automation team implemented in updating our knockdown case packer’s design to accommodate evolving technologies.  He also shares the project we’ve been working on in partnership with Rockwell Automation utilizing Vuforia® Expert Capture to broaden our customer offerings in service and support using augmented reality.