Case Packer & Palletizer For 40-lb Blocks of Cheese

30 March 2024 //


Cheese Block Case Packer


Massman supports the dairy and cheese industries by offering a variety of automated packaging solutions that improve cheesemakers’ packaging processes.

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Example of Massman Automation’s Wrap Around Case Packer & Palletizer Packaging Solution For 40lb Cheese Blocks

Massman worked to build the above solution with Wisconsin Whey.  The fully automated Wisconsin Whey end-of-line system was configured to fit the cheese maker’s available space. In the days before Wisconsin Whey added the block configuration line, processing a vat of cheese would produce about 12 barrels of cheese, each weighing about 500 pounds of finished cheese. The new line, by contrast, produces about 150 blocks of cheese, each containing about 40 lbs. of finished cheese, from a same-sized vat.

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This not only enabled Wisconsin Whey to meet the needs of those customers requiring product in 40-lb. blocks, but it also enabled the plant to make other American and Hard Italian cheese varieties not normally packaged in the barrel format, therefore expanding its customer base.

Currently, Wisconsin Whey is operating the new line for a full shift several days a week. As it continues to develop the growing market for the 40-lb. blocks, it expects to extend that to an everyday operation.

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