Automated Packaging Systems and Solutions

Massman Automation Designs has proudly been providing “end of line” automated packaging systems and solutions to a wide variety of industries for more than 40 years.

Massman Automation Designs is proud of the reputation it has achieved over the years. Our user-friendly, robust automatic packaging machine design approach uses the latest in servo and robotic technology and provides the end user years of reliability and low-cost ownership.

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Case Packing Equipment Systems

Case Packing Equipment | Systems

Massman Automation has proudly been providing “end-of-line” packaging equipment solutions to a wide variety of industries for more than 40 years. Massman Automation  has case packaging solutions for every case packing process, from small footprint, low-speed applications to large high speed continuous motion case packers. Our case packers handle wraparound, RSC know down, harness style, and tray blanks. Below are all the different case packing solutions available to our customers.

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Flexible Pouch Packaging

Learn about Massman’s flexible pouch packing machines, offering customizable packaging solutions with various formats and features, suitable for a range of products and industries.

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Palletizing Equipment and Systems

Massman Automation presents a suite of advanced palletizing solutions tailored for diverse industrial needs.

Offerings include: Gantry Palletizing, High-Entry Palletizing, and Robotic Palletizing Solutions

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Talon Microwave Popcorn Packaging Machine

Talon Microwave Popcorn Packaging

Massman Talon offers a wide rand of Microwave Popcorn and Flexible Pouch Packaging equipment. Talon Massman equipment fills and seals bags at rates up to 150 bags-per-minute. The equipment features a rotary vacuum bag placer, guillotine-style bag folder, volumetric cup fillers, precision metering pumps for liquid filling, and heated top seal stations for bag closure.


Pleated Filter Assembly

Automated cartridge assembly equipment capable of positioning the pleated block, forming the pleated material into a cylindrical shape, securing the joint with a metal clip, hot melt adhesive, or an ultrasonic weld. Massman also offers turn-key filter assembly equipment that assembles filter, center tube, canister and end caps as a finished unit at rates up to 50 ppm.

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Tin Tie Applicator with Single Fold Bag Finisher

Tying Equipment

Massman Automation now offers a wide variety of tying equipment for your packaging operation needs.

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Product Placers

Rotary and Reciprocating Placers and Custom Feeding Systems.

Automated placement of products, whether its sheet stock, coupons or trays, product placers will offer significant payback in many ways.

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Case Erecting | Sealing

Massman Automation Case Erectors and Case Sealers are designed with safety, durability, productivity and efficiency as the top design criteria. In addition, the case erectors and case sealers include all the features found in the standard Massman Automation case packer.

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Cheese Block Case Packer

Custom Machines

Massman Automation has automated the packaging of storm doors, vinyl siding, fluorescent lamps, washers and dryers, and other large challenging packaging requests.

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