Automatic Cartridge Assembly Machinery – ACAM

The Massman WB-ACAM is a fully-automatic filter cartridge assembly machine that is direct fed from either a rotary or blade pleater. This machine forms the cylindrical filter shape, can insert an optional center tube, it seams the first and last end pleats, and funnels the filter down to its specified outside diameter. The machine includes an automatic reject, has HMI assisted servo controlled changeovers and it cycles at speeds up to 30 to 60ppm depending upon seaming method.


ACAM – Series C Metal Clipper

The Model 400C, 600C and 1000C metal clip machines can handle of variety of pleated block dimensions.

ACAM – Series H Hot Metal Adhesive - Seamer

Automated pleated filter forming equipment joins the pleated material into a cylindrical shape and secures the pleated media joint with hot melt adhesive at rates from 45-60 parts-per-minute (based on slit width).

ACAM – Series U Ultrasonic Weld - Seamer

The Ultrasonic Weld machines can handle of variety of pleated block dimensions and offer a clean, low-cost, environmentally safe alternative to metal clips.


  • Seams single layer cellulose or synthetic media as well as multilayer laminated media
  • For water, air, oil, alcohol, and fuel filtration, as well as medical applications
  • World class manufacturing capability built to your country’s build standards
  • Each part is stamped with a unique part number, and then painted, plated, or anodized
  • 24-hour phone support
  • Dedicated spare parts department
  • After sale onsite service


Automatic Cartridge Assembly Machinery: ACAM

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