F-600 and F-1200 Forming Cartridge Assembly Machines (FCAM)

Massman Engineering engineers are experts at designing systems that help you increase cartridge production efficiency, improve production flexibility and reduce manufacturing costs.

The F-600 and F-1200 Cartridge Assembly Machines provide a low-cost, ergonomically friendly method of forming pleated filter media from a flat pleated block into a cylindrical shape for the assembly of oil filters, gas filters, water filters, and air filters.



The Cartridge Assembly Machine prepares the pleated block by automatically forming the media into a cylindrical shape which can then be fed into a clipping machine at speeds of up to 50 parts-per-minute.

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  • Used to automatically form filter media into a cylindrical shape
  • Can be used to automatically feed hand loaded seamers
  • In combination with an end pleat overlap, can be used to form and present to a downstream over-wrap process
  • Replace or upgrade your old ACAM former
  • Accepts filter media directly from the pleater / count-cut operation
  • Operates at up to 50 per minute depending on slit width


  • The FCAM-600 and 1200 Forming Machines use the same automation techniques found in our fully automated ACAM’s.
  • A pneumatic 90 degree transfer loads the pleat blocks into the breach area of the former.
  • A vacuum generator and manifold to the rail entrance engage the end pleats onto the forming rails.
  • The Former utilizes “no tool” changeover to handle different sizes of filter media.
  • Minimum utility usage is 75 psig (5 BAR) clean compressed air and 240V, three phase, 60Hz. An air filter, regulator, and pressure gauge are included.


  • Compression Conveyor which provides constant stack-back pressure on the pleat blocks.
  • Double Deck Pleat Block Former with quick change slide mechanism to run two different sizes of pleat heights.
  • Micrometer Pleat Height Adjustment provides for quick pleat height adjustment utilizing a crank and mechanical digital readout to document machine settings.

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