HFS-IMI-1300, -1600, -1800 Inline Fill and Seal Machine

The HFS-IMI-1300, -1600, -1800 Inline Fill and Seal Machine for Pre-Made Pouches is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Designed for Filling dry products such as: trail mixes, snack foods, powders, pet food and treats, plant food, cheese & more, this fill and seal system works with 3 and 4 sided sealed, Doyen/Gusseted, terminated side gusseted pouches with re-sealable zipper, Velcro or slider. This robust machine is capable of speeds up to 60 PPM depending on the product being filled and pouch weight capacity up to 10 pounds. Features include quick change over for ultimate flexibility, Allen Bradley PLC, HMI, Servo’s and AC drives. The system’s state-of-the-art design eliminates down time and ensures trouble-free 24/7 multi shift operation.

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Massman Automation offers a full line of bag and flexible pouch filling equipment as well as bag making and typing equipment.


• Robust construction for reliable multi-shift operation
• 5 minute change over
• 5” to 11” pouch width
• 5” to 15” pouch height
• Up to 5” pouch gusset
• Pouch weight capacity 10 lbs.
• Output up to 60 ppm
• Allen Bradley PLC, HMI, Servos and AC drives
• Made in the USA

Available Options

• HFFS-Form, Fill and Seal from Roll Stock models available. Formers can be added as a field retrofit to our Fill & Seal if your production requires this
• Washdown
• Hybrid version, machine can run Pre-Made pouches or Form from Roll Stock
• Ink-jet or Thermo Transfer Printer
• Gas Flush
• Machine can be configured for multiple different fillers

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