Manual Cartridge Assembly Machinery – MCAM

The Massman MCAM-1300 is a semi-automatic, manual load, pleated media first and the last pleat seaming machine. It seams cellulose, synthetic or wire back media slit widths up to 13-inches (330mm), pleat heights greater than 1.5-inches (38mm) upon request, and media thickness greater than 0.125-inches (3.2mm). This is PLC controlled with HMI interfaced servos for automatic changeover adjustments within 20-seconds. The cycle speed is operator-dependent up to 30ppm.

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Available Models

  • MCAM – Series U Ultrasonic Weld – Seamer
  • MCAM – Series C Metal Clipper
  • MCAM – Series H Hot Melt Adhesive – Seamer


  • Seams single and multi-layer media, cellulose, synthetic and wire back material
  • For water, air, oil, alcohol and fuel filtration, as well as medical applications
  • World class manufacturing built to your country’s build standards
  • Each part is stamped with a unique part number and then painted, plated or anodized
  • 24-hour phone support
  • Dedicated spare parts department
  • After sale onsite service


See the sales literature below to determine which model is right for your application.

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