Revolutionizing Cannabis Packaging: The GP-M3000 Machine

20 November 2023 //

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Revolutionizing Cannabis Packaging: The GP-M3000 Machine Supplied and Serviced by Massman Automation

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, efficiency and innovation in packaging are crucial. Massman Automation, a leader in automation solutions is supplying and servicing the GP-M3000 Automated Bag Filling & Sealing Packaging Machine – A game changer for cannabis businesses!


Exclusive Distribution In North America
Massman Automation takes pride in being the exclusive North American Authorized Distributor for General Packer, the manufacturer of the GP-M3000. This partnership ensures not only the availability of this advanced equipment but also reliable support and service for North American clients.


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In an industry where precision, efficiency, and compliance are key, the GP-M3000 by Massman Automation offers an ideal solution. Capable of handling speeds up to 65 packages per minute and accommodating pouch sizes up to 4.4 pounds, this machine streamlines the packaging process with remarkable efficiency. It ensures consistency and quality in every package, while its advanced sealing technology maintains product integrity. For cannabis businesses aiming to enhance their operational capacity, the GP-M3000 not only meets but exceeds expectations.


Advanced Flexibility and Efficiency
The GP-M3000 stands out for its versatility. It easily manages various pouch configurations, including stand-up pouches, side-gusseted, flat-bottom, and 3-side seal pouches. This flexibility allows cannabis businesses to adapt to different product types and packaging designs, enhancing their market appeal.


Sealing with Precision
The machine’s capability extends to sealing pouches with reclosable features. Whether it’s Press-to-Close Zippers, eSliders, or Velcro, the GP-M3000 ensures airtight and secure sealing, maintaining product freshness and integrity – a vital aspect for preserving the quality of cannabis products.


Enhanced Precision with Weighing and Infeed Components
The GP-M3000’s design allows for the integration of additional components to further streamline the packaging process. Pouches are efficiently fed into the machine via a conveyor system, which ensures precise alignment and placement into the pouch clamps. This meticulous process guarantees consistent pouch handling every time. The machine’s rotary system then proceeds through a series of steps including opening non-child proof zippers, printing date and lot codes, and filling the pouches. A key feature is the optional integration of a weighing system, ensuring accurate product quantities in each pouch. Vibrators are used to settle the contents completely, and optional gas flushing can be performed for product preservation. The machine’s advanced heat-sealing unit supports a quick, automated change in pouch size, reducing downtime significantly. Constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel with a hygienic design, the GP-M3000 promises both durability and easy cleanability, making it an ideal choice for cannabis packaging needs.


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Ease of Use and Dedicated Support by Massman
Massman Automation distinguishes itself with exceptional customer support for the GP-M3000. Offering 24-hour service, comprehensive training, preventative maintenance programs, readily available spare parts, and dedicated technicians. This comprehensive support ensures ease of use and reliable performance, highlighting Massman’s commitment to customers’ success.

Massman Automation’s GP-M3000 emerges as a cornerstone in cannabis packaging, offering unparalleled precision, flexibility, and efficiency. This advanced machine stands as a testament to Massman’s commitment to driving innovation in the cannabis industry, ensuring quality and consistency in every package.


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