Flexible Pouch Packaging Machines and Applications

Flexible Pouch Packaging

Massman pouch fill and seal equipment handles virtually all types and sizes of pouches, including stand-up resealable pouches (SURPs), which have become very popular due to their low weight and on-the-shelf advantages.

Massman offers a variety of flexible pouch packaging systems. The GP line of pouch filling machines is ideal for small footprint applications, while the Massman Talon line offers a high-speed fill and seal with maximum flexibility.

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Flexible Packaging Pouches

Pouch for Pouch Filling MachineThe term “flexible packaging” refers to any package or part of a package with a malleable shape, such as pouches and bags. These non-rigid product containment and protection solutions comprise single-use materials, such as plastic, metal, foil, and paper.

Flexible Pouch Packing Machines

Flexible packaging pouch machines comprise a framework based on standard pack formating with customizable elements, such as pack sizes, product volumes, packaging line compatibility, and additional features.

the most common equipment for flexible pouch packaging solutions includes:

  • Form fill seal machines: Form fill seal machines create large rolls of flat packaging material, shape the bags, load them with goods, and seal them shut.
  • Fill and seal machines: Instead of forming the bags themselves, fill and seal machinery packs pre-made pouches with the product and securely closes them.
  • Filling equipment: Filling equipment integrates with flexible packaging machines to measure an item’s weight and volume before dispensing the product into bags.

Types of Flexible Packaging Pouches

Some examples of flexible pouch packaging configurations include:

  • Stand-up pouches: These pouches have an oval-shaped pocket at the bottom that allows them to stand up straight and a tear-off tab with a plastic zip-lock beneath it for resealing.
  • Gusseted pouches: Gusseted pouches are stand-up packaging with indents on each side, giving them a square or rectangular base with folded-down tops sealed with glue and two tabs for resealing.
  • Pillow pouches: These pouches comprise two flat, sealed panels that you can peel in opposite directions for easy opening.
  • Three-side-seal pouches: These flat pouches are sealed on three sides with a tear-away lid.
  • Sachets: Sachets are small, flat packets sealed on four sides for single-serve condiments.
  • Liquid pouch packaging: Liquid pouches are clear packaging solutions that can come in numerous design variations.

Machines Offered for Flexible Packaging

At Massman, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-performance flexible pouch packaging solutions:

  • HFS-IMI-1100 Inline Fill and Seal Machine: You can use our inline fill and seal machine to fill dry products like trail mixes, powders, snack foods, pet food, and more. It can achieve speeds up to 60 parts per million (PPM) and comprises an innovative design for minimized downtime and seamless, multi-shift operation.
  • HFFS High-Speed Flexible Pouch Packaging Machine: This flexible pouch packaging machine can fill and seal 50-150 pouches per minute. Manufacturers choose this machine because it exhibits ease of use and reliable multi-shift operation.
  • Zipper Unwind Stand: The Zipper Unwind Stand handles zipper material with a 16-inch to 32-inch diameter at a maximum of 22 inches wide. This machine can handle speeds of 100 feet per minute.
  • GP-M3000 Automated Bag Filling and Sealing Machine: Our high-performance machine seals many pouch types with recloseable features. Flexible, automated technology adds a high amount of value to your business.

The Benefits of Flexible Pouch Packaging Lines

Automated flexible pouch packaging machines come with many significant benefits for companies, including:

  • Comprehensive pouch variety: Flexible packaging pouch machines can manage all pouch types and sizes, allowing you to use any packaging for your products.
  • Small environmental footprint: Packaging pouches are highly eco-friendly, requiring less water and energy to develop and transport and producing less consumer waste.
  • High production speed: Automated, flexible packaging machines have high-speed filling and sealing capabilities, resulting in greater productivity and throughput.
  • Reduced labor: Because flexible pouch packaging solutions are automated, they minimize employee labor, save companies money, and reduce workplace injuries.

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